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CEO's Greetings

We sincerely wish the continued prosperity of your company.
It gives a great pleasure to welcome you to our website
and to introduce our products to you.

Under the managerial philosophy of Honesty, Trust, and Development, Daciahg Marine Tech Co., Ltd. has continued to grow ever since its inception to this day, because all staff has had strong affection for our every single product and because we have made ceaseless efforts in research and development. More importantly, I believe that our success was possible thanks to constant encouragement and warm support of our customers, who have continued to love and lead us.

In order for us to grow to a future leader that stays ahead of rivals, we will continue to contribute to the development of the national economy and to meet the needs of our customers based on the development of new products through technological innovations, rational business management and cost cutting effects, as we are committed to creating a prosperous tomorrow under the motto of co-existence and safety.

Recognizing that we must become more vigilant to improve our quality, secure competitive edge, and meet the demand of our customers, and redouble efforts, we striving day and night to create more advanced, and safer products.

Would like to take this opportunitu to thank once again for the encouragement and wonderful support that you extended to us over the past years.

Sincerely wish for your continued guidance and support for us in the coming years. I hope that you find this catalog useful and helpfuls to you. Best Regards,

President Mr. Hyo Sung, Kim